Tips For Your Wrongful Death Suit Involving A Defective Product


Did you recently lose a loved one due to a defective product not performing as was promised? If so, you and your family might be entitled to financial compensation. That said, you can be sure that the makers of the defective product will defend themselves vigorously in any legal case. With that said, you are going to have to do your homework if you expect to win this case. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind when pursuing legal action in this type of wrongful death case.

9 July 2019

How Do You Prove Another Party's Negligence Caused Your Accident?


Did you fall in an unlit parking lot outside of your gym and break a hip? Did you get sideswiped by a teenage driver whose eyes were on a cellphone and not the road? Were your injuries related to some other situation that seems like it should have been avoidable?  Your ability to recover compensation for an injury and other financial losses relies on whether or not you can prove that another party is financially responsible through some form of negligence.

10 May 2019

What Is Product Liability? What You Need To Know If You Are Injured By A Product


In the news, you may have heard of people being injured by certain products or items that either malfunctioned or they became sick because of some type of food contamination. If this has happened to you, you could be entitled to a lawsuit settlement against the company who made the product. This is what is known as product liability. What is product liability and what you need to know about it if you are injured by a product.

28 March 2019

Essure – The Device That Was Supposed To Make Life Easier – But Did Not


Did you have the Essure coils implanted to prevent future pregnancies? Have you been suffering from a variety of symptoms that you just can't explain? Here, you'll find a bit of information about Essure and how it has negatively impacted thousands of women around the world and what you can do about what you're going through. A Bit about Essure Essure is a small nickel coil with fibers included in the design.

10 February 2019

3 Helpful Actions Auto Accident Attorneys Can Take For Your Personal Injury Claim


Auto accidents are no laughing matter. They can leave you banged up and with significant medical bills. If you're in this position and aren't at fault, be sure to contact an auto accident lawyer like Edward M Graves. They'll help you handle this ordeal by taking these actions.  Talk With the Other Driver's Insurer  After this accident, the other driver's insurance provider will reach out to find out what happened. Dealing with this party can be extremely nerve-wracking, as they may try tactics to get you to admit fault in some way.

19 January 2019

Dealing With Your Personal Injury Lawyer: What To Know


If a careless driver has ruined things for you, a personal injury attorney might be a good idea. It pays to have a lawyer take a look at the circumstances of your car accident and give you an idea of what could happen. Most people feel intimidated when they think about legal issues, and that is perfectly natural. Lawyers attend school for many years to learn the law so that they can untangle confusing accident-related problems for us.

16 January 2019

Things That Will Prevent You From Filing A Personal Injury Case After A Car Accident


There are many times when people can file personal injury claims against other people after car accidents take place, but to do this, certain conditions must apply. If you are thinking of doing this, due to a recent car accident you were involved with, it is important to know that there are three main things that will prevent you from having the right to file a personal injury case after an accident.

16 January 2019

Take On Your Workers' Compensation Deposition With Confidence


A workers' compensation deposition may be called for if you have a permanent workplace injury. This meeting is important and the outcome could affect your ability to get benefits. A permanent work-related injury can call for a lump sum settlement, rehabilitation, job training, and more. Read on to find out how to handle your workers' comp deposition. How to Respond to Deposition Questioning A deposition is actually just a question and answer session about your injury and your resulting medical treatment.

15 January 2019

Advice For Teen Drivers In An Auto Accident


You finally got your driver's license, and you're excited to get out there on the open road. Congratulations, but hopefully you understand that being able to drive comes with a lot of responsibility. While your parents are likely to teach you things like how to perform maintenance on your car, one area they might not address until it's too late is how you are supposed to react if you are ever in an auto accident.

11 January 2019

Disability Determination Services And Social Security Benefits


When a medical or mental condition prevents you from working at your job, the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses your previous earnings as a means to provide benefits. Each paycheck you earn has FICA deductions, and some of that money goes to the Social Security fund. When you either reach retirement age or you become disabled before you retire, the money is provided to you in monthly payments. Read on to learn about qualifying for these benefits and how your medical condition figures into the process.

9 January 2019