Pieces Of Evidence That A Work Accident Lawyer Can Help You Gather To Help Support Your Claim


If you're ever hurt at work, you shouldn't hesitate to submit a claim to get paid for any financial losses that you incurred from the accident. With the money you receive, you can pay off medical bills and earn back some of the money that you might have lost from being unable to work because of your injury.

You'll want to have as much evidence as possible so that your claim will be easier to prove. Without sufficient evidence, your claim is likely to be denied. Gathering evidence to try to prove a claim can sometimes be difficult, and a work accident lawyer can assist you with obtaining and organizing this evidence so that it can be presented to the employer, insurance claim adjuster or judge who will decide if your claim is valid and whether to grant you compensation.

Medical Records

A doctor can verify the extent of your injury and what likely caused it by examining you and by using diagnostic tests. The doctor's findings can be recorded on a document that you can submit to the workers' compensation insurance company with help from your attorney. The medical record should also specify the type of treatment that you'll receive and whether it will impact your ability to work.

Witness Statements

Other people may have witnessed the accident that caused your injury, and your work accident lawyer may interview these individuals and record their testimonies. These witnesses should be able to specify the day and time of the incident and what might have caused the accident. If you are denied workers' compensation and need to go to court to try to get payment for your injury, your attorney can summon these witnesses if they believe that their in-person testimonies will be useful in court.

Pictures and Videos

Video evidence can also help you prove your claim. You should try to take pictures and videos of the location at work where the accident occurred along with any possible hazards at the location to use as evidence. If possible, you should also try to have any visible injuries photographed or filmed so that the insurance company or judge can see the extent of the injuries. Once this evidence is obtained, your attorney can review it to determine whether or not it will likely help you with your claim. 

Defective Equipment Records

If your injury was caused by defective equipment in your workplace, your employer should still pay you workers' compensation. You may also be able to hold the equipment manufacturer liable if you can prove that a problem with the way the equipment was made caused your injury.

Your attorney may be able to bring in an expert who can examine the equipment to determine if there really was something wrong with it. Equipment inspection records and documentation of other employees who might have been injured using the equipment can also be gathered and used as evidence.

You shouldn't have to settle for covering your financial losses out of your own pocket if you were injured at work. A work accident lawyer can advocate for your rights and take the necessary steps to try to get you the money that you deserve.

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18 July 2023

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