4 Strategies A Workers' Compensation Lawyer Will Use To Overturn A Denied Claim


You may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you have been injured at work. However, getting these benefits is not always easy. Your claim could be denied due to various reasons. If this happens to you, don't despair. You may still be able to get the benefits you deserve by hiring a workers' compensation attorney and appealing the denial. Here are four strategies your attorney will use to overturn a denied claim:

Reviewing Your Claim for Accuracy

There are many reasons why claims are denied. Your employer could have listed the wrong date of injury or misstated your salary. They could have also failed to include important information about your medical treatment or denied that the injury occurred at work. If your claim was denied, your first step should be to review the paperwork for any errors. A workers' compensation attorney can help you identify any mistakes and work to get them corrected. If they find any errors in your claim, they will fix them and resubmit it. This may result in the denial being overturned and benefits being paid.

Gathering Supporting Documentation

An insurance company may say that there's not enough evidence to support your claim and deny it. A workers' compensation lawyer will collect additional documentation to prove your case if this happens. These may include your medical records, witness statements, and pay stubs. With this extra evidence, your lawyer will file an appeal and get your claim approved.

Appealing to a Higher Authority

If your claim is still denied after being corrected for errors and supported with additional documentation, it may be necessary to appeal to a higher authority. In most states, this means filing a petition with the workers' compensation board. A lawyer can help you determine whether this is the best course of action and represent you throughout the process.

Filing a Lawsuit

If all else fails, you can file a lawsuit against your employer or the insurance company. This is usually a last resort, but it may be necessary to get you the benefits you deserve. A workers' compensation lawyer can guide you through this process and help you win your case.

Don't give up if your workers' compensation claim is denied. Contacting an experienced lawyer is the best way to get the benefits you need and deserve. They will review your claim for accuracy, gather supporting documentation, and appeal to a higher authority if necessary. In some cases, they may even file a lawsuit on your behalf. Contact a workers' compensation attorney today to learn more.


29 September 2022

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