Essure – The Device That Was Supposed To Make Life Easier – But Did Not


Did you have the Essure coils implanted to prevent future pregnancies? Have you been suffering from a variety of symptoms that you just can't explain? Here, you'll find a bit of information about Essure and how it has negatively impacted thousands of women around the world and what you can do about what you're going through.

A Bit about Essure

Essure is a small nickel coil with fibers included in the design. Those fibers are designed to cause inflammation so that scar tissue will build up around the coil and close the fallopian tubes. Once the scar tissue has sealed the tubes, pregnancy is supposed to be prevented.

Unfortunately, Bayer, the company behind Essure didn't do their due diligence and have the device tested or follow up with the women that had the device implanted for a while. The problems didn't arise immediately for many women – it took months, if not years for the pain, emotional imbalances and other symptoms to present themselves.

Unfortunately, many women and their doctors didn't tie the health issues the women were experiencing with the tiny device that was supposed to be a safer and easier option than tubal ligation, so the device continued to be implanted in women around the world. In December 2018, Bayer stopped selling the device, but the doctors that already have the device, can still implant it until the end of 2019.

The Problems that Come

Some women suffered from few or no negative effects, but the rest have been dealing with extreme cramping during their cycle and throughout the rest of the month. Other problems include depression, headaches, brain fog, hip and back pain, enhanced PMS and so, so many more symptoms.

The Lawsuits are Coming

Women have begun filing lawsuits against Bayer stating the defective item has caused them a great deal of pain. In fact, many of these women have had to undergo hysterectomy surgery to remove the device to find some relief from the symptoms.

If you have this device implanted in your body and have been experiencing health problems that cannot be explained by any other means, make an appointment with your gynecologist and have some imaging done. You need to find out if the coils have moved, if they've punctured any organs and if they are the root of all of your problems. If it turns out that the coils are the cause, talk with a personal injury lawyer for assistance in joining the many women around the world suing this company for what they've done. Contact a firm, like the Richard Glazer Law Office, for more help.


10 February 2019

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