3 Helpful Actions Auto Accident Attorneys Can Take For Your Personal Injury Claim


Auto accidents are no laughing matter. They can leave you banged up and with significant medical bills. If you're in this position and aren't at fault, be sure to contact an auto accident lawyer like Edward M Graves. They'll help you handle this ordeal by taking these actions. 

Talk With the Other Driver's Insurer 

After this accident, the other driver's insurance provider will reach out to find out what happened. Dealing with this party can be extremely nerve-wracking, as they may try tactics to get you to admit fault in some way.

You can take this pressure off your shoulders by working alongside an auto accident attorney. This professional can save you the hassle of talking to this insurance adjuster. While you're focusing on recovering from this accident, your attorney will give the adjuster an official statement. It will contain accurate details that don't hurt your claim in any way.

Collect Evidence to Prove Fault 

This personal injury claim won't go very far if it's just your word against the other driver's accounts. You need tangible evidence showing the other driver was clearly at fault. That's where an auto accident attorney comes in handy.

They'll investigate your accident and collect as much evidence as they can to prove fault. It may be with in-depth pictures, accounts from witnesses who saw the accident unfold, or video footage from traffic cameras. Any evidence will be gathered by the book, so you don't have to worry about it being thrown out in court. 

Make Attempts to Settle Out of Court 

After a traumatic car accident, you probably don't want to spend months in court battling it out with another motorist. Instead, you probably want to fast-track these legal proceedings and ideally settle out of court.

Well, this might be possible when you hire an experienced and skilled auto accident attorney. They can talk to the other driver and their attorney in hopes of reaching some sort of agreement. For example, as long as they pay a certain percentage of your medical bills, then you agree to not sue. 

Whatever agreement your attorney comes up with, they'll make sure you're fully on board. With a little negotiating, your attorney can ensure both you and the other driver walk away content. 

If you're involved in a severe auto collision and left with a lot of injuries, the best thing you can do is hire an auto accident attorney. They'll do everything they can to make sure this legal process works out in your favor. 


19 January 2019

Understanding Accident Lawsuits

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