Advice For Teen Drivers In An Auto Accident


You finally got your driver's license, and you're excited to get out there on the open road. Congratulations, but hopefully you understand that being able to drive comes with a lot of responsibility. While your parents are likely to teach you things like how to perform maintenance on your car, one area they might not address until it's too late is how you are supposed to react if you are ever in an auto accident. Hopefully, that will never happen to you, but it's better to be prepared just in case. Here are three tips to keep in mind after getting into an auto accident as a teen driver.

Keep Your Cool 

Getting into your first auto accident can be traumatic, but it's important for legal and insurance reasons to be able to keep your cool and remain calm. Don't get angry and start yelling at the other driver. After an accident, you should exchange your insurance information with the other driver. Maintain an even tone of voice and act professionally; hopefully, the other driver will do the same

Don't Say "Sorry"

Being polite after the accident is one thing, but that does not mean you should apologize for your part in the accident. Telling the other driver that you are "sorry" in any way could end up coming back to bite you. That's because any kind of apology could be seen as an admission of guilt if the other driver decides to hire an auto accident attorney and sue you. You can be nice to the other party and ask if they are OK, but do not take responsibility for the accident, even if you know it's your fault.

Get an Official Report Filed

Your first instinct after getting into an accident as a teenager may be to call your parents, but there's another phone call that either you or your parents should be making. You will want the police to show up to the scene of the accident in order to get an official report filed. Even if the accident doesn't appear to be that serious, it's important to have an official account of what happened. This could be used to your advantage if the other driver suddenly changes their story once the insurance companies get involved. Even if the other driver leaves, stay at the scene and wait for the police to arrive.

An auto accident can be scary, but you can get through the aftermath by keeping a level head and watching what you say. Have your parents contact an auto accident attorney today if you believe one is warranted.


11 January 2019

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