Tips For Hiring The Right Birth Injury Lawyer


Welcoming a new baby into the family should be a joyous event for everyone involved. Unfortunately, things can go wrong during delivery, and when medical personnel don't provide a standard level of care or miss indications of a problem that should be noticed, birth injuries can occur. In some cases, a baby who has suffered a birth injury can recover in a short amount of time, while in other cases birth injuries can have life-long consequences. No matter what type of birth injury your child experienced, you deserve answers and the medical professional who was negligent should be held responsible. Use the following tips to find the right birth injury lawyer to represent your family's case.

Choose a Law Firm that Specializes in Birth Injury Cases

When it comes to selecting a lawyer, it is always in your best interest to hire one from a firm that specializes in birth injury cases. While some personal injury lawyers take all types of cases, birth injury cases can be quite complex, so you want to work with a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of birth injuries and medical malpractice laws in your state. The more your lawyer knows about birth injury cases, the more likely your family will be to receive the settlement that you deserve.

Ask About Their Track Record

Before hiring a birth injury lawyer, it is always a good idea to schedule consultations with several lawyers. During these consultations you should feel comfortable asking as many questions as you like. One important question to ask is about the outcomes of their previous cases. While a birth injury lawyer may not win or secure a settlement in every case that they take, you should look for a lawyer who has a good track record and proven results.

Look for Law Firms with In-House Medical Professionals

Like any type of medical malpractice case, birth injury cases can be very complicated and complex. Many reputable birth injury law firms employ labor and delivery nurses, in addition to other medical personnel, to review medical records and put together a picture of what went wrong and how the birth injury occurred. You should also be able to rely on your birth injury lawyer to have access to expert medical witnesses who can testify on your behalf in the event that a settlement can't be reached and your family's birth injury case needs to go to trial and be heard by a judge and jury. 


5 January 2019

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