Pause And Be Cautious With Your Workers' Comp Claim


There's no doubt about it, workers that are injured on the job are entitled to some pretty great benefits. If you get hurt as a result of your job, you can be paid disability wages and get free medical care. Unfortunately, even minor injuries can affect you negatively in more ways than one. Read on to learn more.

Injuries to Your Financial Bottom Line

As if being hurt at work were not enough, you may begin to suffer from financial issues. Your worker's comp insurance provides you with a wage while you are recuperating at home. That wage, however, is not meant to be a replacement for your usual wages. Since workers' comp is administered differently in every state, the amount of disability wages you can expect varies somewhat. Generally, many hurt workers can expect to be paid about 66% or so of their usual wages. That amount is better than no pay at all but when you've been depending on your full salary, it can cause budgetary woes. The longer your recuperation period, the more pronounced your financial problems might become.

The Workers Compensation Settlement

At some point, you may be contacted by the workers' compensation carrier and offered a financial settlement. A settlement means that you agree to accept a certain sum of money and in return, you will not seek further compensation for your injury. For hurt workers, this settlement might come just in the nick of time. As their financial situation worsens, workers can be increasingly eager to take what they can get from the workers' comp carrier. The amount offered may sound tempting, but you should pause and be extremely cautious about accepting that early offer.

Understanding the Problem with Quick Settlements

In most cases, your injury may be at a critical point when you are offered a settlement. You should never take a lump sum settlement without knowing the full extent of your medical condition. Quick settlement offers almost always are timed to be at a point of financial difficulty but not necessarily at a point of knowing all there is to know about your injury. Accepting a dollar amount before you know what your future holds is unwise. For example, if it later turns out that you are 100% permanently disabled as a result of your workplace accident, your early settlement might not have taken into consideration things like future medical care and a lifetime of salary replacement.

The only way to be sure that your settlement offer is adequate is to speak with some workers compensation lawyers. Make an appointment for a consultation to ensure that you negotiate a settlement that takes into consideration the full suite of future needs.


26 December 2018

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