Insurance Company Stonewalling You? 4 Steps To Take After A Car Accident


If you've been in a car accident, and you're getting nowhere with the other party's insurance company, it's time to take action. Insurance companies don't like to pay out after a car accident, especially when there's been considerable loss, such as high medical bills or loss of employment due to injuries. However, there are still ways for you to make the insurance company step up and take responsibility, even if they've refused to up to this point. Here are four steps you need to take if the insurance company is stonewalling you.

1. Keep A Log Of Your Attempted Communication

If the insurance company is avoiding you, and refusing to provide you with the services you need, keep a log of your attempted communication. This log should include the date and time of each attempted contact, as well as the names of the people you speak to each time you call. This log will become beneficial should you need to take the insurance company to court.

2. Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

If you haven't obtained a copy of the police report, you need to take care of that right away. The police report contains vital information that you'll need while you're fighting the insurance company. Even if the police report cites you as the responsible driver, you still need a copy of the report. Responding officers aren't always correct in their accident findings.

3. Continue Your Medical Care

If you sustained injuries in the car accident, you need to continue with your medical care, even if your own insurance is paying for the care. Discontinuing your medical care may hinder your ability to receive fair compensation from the insurance company. Not only that, but it could interfere with your ability to heal properly.

4. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you're not getting anywhere with the insurance company, it's time to hire a personal injury attorney. This is particularly important if you need help with your medical care, or the police report has placed responsibility for the accident on your shoulders. Your personal injury attorney can help you receive the medical care you need, and can continue the investigation to determine the real responsible party. They'll also help you get your car repaired or replaced.

If you've been in a car accident, and the insurance company is being less-than-helpful, take the steps provided here. These steps will help you recover from your accident. For more information, check out a website like


9 December 2018

Understanding Accident Lawsuits

After I was in a car accident, I wasn't sure what I was going to do in the future. I had some really significant back and neck pain, so I started talking with a lawyer about how to recover some of my losses. I began working with an attorney to take care of things, but I was nervous about how the process would unfold. I began working with the attorney to evaluate every component of the incident, and help me to decode the problems I was faced with. We worked on learning more about the lawsuit, and it helped me to make sense of the situation. Learn more about accidents on this blog.