Compensation And Medical Records: Know The Importance


The need for presenting a comprehensive package of evidence when seeking compensation should be a high priority. Medical records, which are probably the most important evidence categories for car accidents, should be used to tell the story of how the accident victim's life has been impacted. Few victims understand this little-known aspect of dealing with a car accident claim, so read on to learn more.

Why Are Medical Records So Important?

Not only are you entitled to be paid for your medical expenses, but your pain and suffering compensation is directly tied to the dollar amount of your those costs. Each and every penny spent on anything medically related to the accident should be accounted for, compiled, and hard-copied. The total amount is then multiplied by a factor and added to the remainder of your damages.

A Load of Medical Records

Just imagining the large volume of paperwork, facilities, practitioners, diagnostic tests, ambulance rides, and more can be overwhelming. Your personal injury attorney will know what is needed and who to contact for this vital form of proof of your injuries. You can assist in this effort by keeping a journal or log of each and every medical treatment you've had from the moment of the accident and going forward.

Presentation Is Everything

Just presenting the other side with a stack of your medical records is not likely to result in the successful settlement offer you want. You and your attorney must present a comprehensive picture of your medical history that is easy to read and clear in its intent. In many cases, your attorney will compile a narrative that follows your case chronologically. The use of descriptive words and phrases should be consistent and accurate. Any inconsistencies could make your case appear weak and your damages made-up.

Connecting the Victim and the Medical Problems

Part of the narrative should be personalized to show how the accident and the injuries have affected you, the victim. For example, if you are a single mother of two children, you should connect the negative impact of the accident to not being able to earn a living, care for your children, spend time with your children, drive the children to school, and more. A narrative like this substitutes for the personal testimony of a victim during a personal injury trial.

The goal of presenting your medical records in the above manner is a settlement offer that covers all the areas of your life affected by the accident. Speak to a car accident attorney to learn more.


23 November 2018

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